Kathy Greathouse

My name is Kathy, but my friends and family call me Kat, as if Kathy isn't already short enough. Ironically, I actually prefer Kat too. 

I live in Belton, MO but take pictures all over the KC Metro area and several outer counties. So don't hesitate to ask if I can cover your event!

I am a mom to several dogs, 2 bunnies and 3 fish tanks full of fish. Honestly I'd own a zoo if i could, but that's just a little out of my price range. (Photos of dogs next to this- to learn more about each one, click the image and read their bios)

During the week, I work for Maxon America as the Sales Administrative Assistant. Hence why we offer mostly weekend bookings. If you'd like a seperate time outside of the weekends, you can always reach out to us and we will do our best to work around the time you need. 

So why should you have this stranger take your photos? Well let me explain - in bullet points. 

  • I have a strong passion for photography. 

  • Obtained my Associates in Graphic Design, so I have an eye for design and creativity. 

  • Previous experience in photography, includes;

    • Family photo shoots for friends and family members.

    • Photography for events for a previous job, including Cinco De Mayo, big gatherings, parties and more.

    • Name Badge photos.

    • Instagram photos for a previous job.

    • But also experience in nature and animal photography. 

                  (Below is a gallery of some of these images.)

  • I will make you look stunning! Just kidding, you already are! If the sucking up didnt work, check out the next bullet. 

  • I am very fun and energetic so your session will be full of fun and laughter. * Positive note, it wont be akward then.

  • Last but not least, I will do everything I can to get you the absolute BEST photos. So you'll always leave happy. 

If this didn't catch your attention and have you wanting me to take your photos, go ahead and check out my gallery below.