Kylie Mowery

My name is Kylie and I live in Kansas City, KS. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and I decided to turn the hobby into a business....


Kathy Greathouse

My name is Kathy, but my friends and family call me Kat, as if Kathy isn't already short enough. Ironically, I actually prefer Kat too... 

About KGraphics Photography

KGraphics Photography is a partnership between two friends who met due to a mutal friend. Years later we found out were cousins too. Shocker right!?

KGraphics was created when I, Kathy Greathouse, was in college. I attended KCKCC for my Associates in Digital Imaging (Graphic Design). During college, I learned how to created all sorts of marketing materials. I used this knowledge to created the KGraphics Logo, which shortly turned into KGraphics Designs, which is my personal Graphic Design page. 

While in college, I also attended several Photography classes and have a passion for taking photos. Thus, KGraphics Photography was created. 

A few years later, and after several years of interships, gaining business knowledge and more, I chose to reach out to my Business Partner, and asked her if she would like to go into a partnership/Business together. She said yes. Like a marriage. Just kidding. I have a sense of humour if you can't tell. 

Here we are today, a small photography business, trying to make our way in the big bad world.